The Green Room Studio

(Posted September 2019)


Amy is currently finishing up

the third level of on-camera classes

at The Green Room Studio.

Footage coming in November!

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Chicago Talent Network

(Posted September 2019)


Amy just signed with

Chicago Talent Network

for industrial and commercial work.

She is grateful to be working with the

wonderful folks at this agency

and cannot wait to get started!

Find her on their website here:

New Voices Scholarship

(Posted February 2019)


Amy was one of four people to be

awarded a fully paid

scholarship to attend Northland's

2019 Storytelling Confabulation!

It was an awesome weekend full of

numerous masterclasses and

a whole bunch of stories.


The Wolves

(Posted October 2018)


Amy is thrilled to be making her

professional debut as #14 in

The Wolves at Flint

Repertory Theatre in Flint, MI!

Performances run February 7-18th.


This Much Is True

(Posted October 2018)


Amy will be performing at

Mrs. Murphy & Sons

as a part of This Much is True,

one of Chicago’s longest running

storytelling shows.

November 13, 2018 @ 7:30pm

(Doors open at 6:00pm)



Cook County Department of Public Health Workshop

(Posted September 2018)


Amy led a storytelling

workshop with 30 staff

members at the CCDPH

in an effort to improve their methods

for tackling the root causes of health

inequities here in Chicago.


Northwestern University Graduation

(Posted June 2018)


Amy graduated Magna Cum Laude

from the School of Communication

with a BA in Theatre and a module

in Theatre for Young Audiences.



Northwestern Chicago Showcase

(Posted May 2018)


Amy will be performing in

Northwestern's Chicago Showcase

alongside her classmates at the

Josephine Louis Theatre on

June 8th, 2018.


Writers Theatre

(Posted May 2018)


Amy spent this spring interning

in casting and education at

Writers Theatre in Glencoe, IL.

Nowadays, you can find her

there leading post-show

discussions or as the reader/monitor

at your next Writers audition!